How do I write a song using the drum machine

I have been looking for a simple to use drum machine with could sounds and user flexibility. So I was please when a drum machine was released for n track. However whilst it is simple to use when editing and controlling sounds and patterns are simple to create. I don’t really understand how I can create whole songs from the patterns. I will admit that I have only played with it briefly. But just for once I though that I would ask first. What I tend to do when recording a new song is to record a guide guitar, base and vocal to a simple rythm or click track and then build the drums from there. Is this possible.

Yes it is possible.

There were a couple of threads very recently about how to use the drum plugin. Have a search and a read of those.

Basically you have to create a MIDI track, point it at the plugin, and then use MIDI notes in the right places in the song to change the patterm the plugin is playing.



I think THIS is the thread you’re looking for…

Good luck!!
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Thanks very much got it sorted. perhaps now I can try a few song