how do you add bands to the track EQ

Hey all;

I’m using nTrack build 1811. I’d like to add some EQ bands to the track EQ but I can’t figure out how to do it. The helpfile says to add them from the Track EQ properties window, but I don’t know how to get to that. Can anyone help?


Here ya go, I don’t have version 4 anymore, this is a screen shot from 6 tho. I don’t think it’s changed.

Thanks for that Yaz. I’ve done that already, but I can’t see where the ‘add band’ button is in the track EQ. How do you access it?


Is there a show all eq controls in version 4? Been a long time since I used it.

Does tool tips show when you mouse over anything?

Thanks poppa

I don’t have that icon on my track EQ. It seems odd that it mentions it in the helpfile but isnt actually in my version of n…


hmmm - I just loaded build 1811 and it’s there - just in a dif spot.

been a while since I danced with ver4 - let me see if there’s an option on this somewhere…

Wow… Thanks for going to all that trouble for me Poppa. Yep, it’s there alright. I have my EQ window on the far right of my screen and it was ‘off the screen’. Once I puled the window over it was there.

Thanks again

No problem tempus - glad to help!

Nice one, Pop :agree: