How do you from the rest of the world see Bush?

Too much partisan politics here…

How do you see President Bush? How do your neighbors see him? Do you like him or not?


I’ll tell you in a few years time. If he keeps hold of his gonads and sees a few things through then I will think he is pretty #### hot.

I don’t care if his motives are not the same as my reasons for supporting his action and can ignore his strong religious tendencies so long as the US is not governed by them.

I’m not sure if I know him well enough to like him or not. He seems like a nice guy with a good heart. I think he’s proved himself to be better for America (probably the richest half, specifically) than he is for the rest of us though.


I think he's proved himself to be better for America (probably the richest half, specifically) than he is for the rest of us though.

Can you elaborate on those thoughts? In what ways do you see him as "better for America"?


"I think he’s proved himself to be better for America (probably the richest half, specifically) than he is for the rest of us though."

I would agree with Daniel on this but it’s no surprise that this is so. Any leader of any country is seeking to advance the interests of their own country over others. The only difference in the US case is that it has pole position in the world and can play the ‘uncontested power’ card. When you’re in a good bargaining position, you milk it for all it’s worth - human nature 101. So, things like trade treaties, aid, military adventures, anything to do with America’s relationship to other countries, is of course intended to yield the best dividends for America itself.

It needs to be said that the govt of America is behaving just exactly as you would expect the govt of any country in America’s position to behave - i.e. finding oneself at the top of the pile with no realistic competitor, and doing it’s best to ensure that things stay that way. Any country/govt would do the same. If America under W seems offensively so, then the only real difference is that he doesn’t bother trying to gloss over it. Clinton, though more to my taste in terms of his domestic US policy, still oversaw 8 years of continued extractive, imbalanced, self-serving foriegn policy. This ain’t intended as an insult, just a statement of fact.

My own country, Australia, is guilty of the same behaviour but on a smaller, less-noticeable scale. Given the opportunity, my govt would behave just the same as the US govt, it has proven it’s ability to act all hard-ass in it’s relations with its weaker local neighbours.

“The reverend-in-charge” is his nickname over here.

Now, whether you’re a fundamentalist Christian, or not, determines what you think of that name.

But, I’m buggered if I’m going to express an opinion! LOL


But, I'm buggered if I'm going to express an opinion!

Why are people afraid to express their opinions? I asked cause I genuinely wanted to know. I think those "from outside" the US can see much clearer what is going on. I believe those in the US "can't see the forest throught the trees" and need a fresh viewpoint. So please, tell us what you think...

Quote (DrGuitar @ Nov. 27 2004,16:51)
please, tell us what you think...


Hey, make the guy happy already ... and just say you hate America !

so he stops asking :laugh:

Thank you, AbG :cool:

I think it's see the forest for the trees Mike ... something like that ?

Mike, a religious debate may be great fun, but it goes nowhere! :D

And I think people’s political standpoint is not unlike their religious viewpoint.

Very, very few people can have their beliefs altered by argument, not about religion, and not about political stance.

So, if you believe in right-wing christian fundamentalism (or any selection of the above), then Bush is wonderful.

If not, then, well, not. :)

So, all I can do is express my personal opinion:

He’s a f**king moron! LOL


Quote (Ali @ Nov. 28 2004,01:11)
He's a f**king moron! LOL

You said it first...