How do you get to the Microsoft "Clipboard?"

I’ve got to get my registratio codes…


In my previous update trials - which are nearly over, I had to unstall the most recent build, and reinstall an older 5.x.x version.

Although the system says I have a registered copy of the earlier version (which is working nicely again) - I hear the “tri-tone melody” in playback. It’s the one you hear for when you haven’t registered something.

I figured I use my old codes to register N-Track again, but I can only find my version 4.x.x codes.

I think I remember Flavio mentioning that the registration codes are also saved on the clipboard. I just don’t know how to get there.

Can anyone lend me a hand here, and explain how to access my “clipboard”? I’m using Windows XP Home Edition.

All my trial Lord, soon be over.

All the best,

Clipboard is easy peasy.

High-light some text with the mouse(eg from your email with the licence codes in)and press “CTRL-c” to copy the text to the clipboard.

Go to the n-track licence manager and press “CTRL-v” where you want the text to appear.


The clipboard is cleared when you re-boot the PC and is overwritten if you use it again, so I doubt that your codes are still there!

So you gonna have to find that email or email Flavio and ask for a replacement email.