how do you guys manage your sessions?

So far, I’ve been using n-track to re-mix old 4 track and 8 track tapes… I have been recording the tracks over to the PC, a whole tape at a time and working with one big session that will contain multiple songs in order to get most of the basic elements of the mix in place.

Now, what is the best way to get the whole session broken down into individual songs in order to start tweaking the mixes for the individual tunes? Should I save the whole session as a new packed song file in a different folder for each individual song, then use destructive .wav editing to delete all of the parts that I do not need?

Is this the way other users are managing their sessions? Or do you guys tend to work with one song at a time from the very beginning?

Like anything on a PC, I’m sure there are multiple ways to accomplish this, but I’m looking for input from other users in order to come up with the best possible way…


Separate songs, don’t do anything destructive, you can grab either end of each separate track and move it so that only the section you want is showing, then select all of the tracks at once and move them all over to the left, if you see what I mean.

But you needn’t do anything destructive; don’t want to lose parts you need. :)

well I would use destructive editing to delete all of the other songs that I’m not mixing, wouldn’t that make sense? Wouldn’t it break the .wav files into smaller pieces? Is it less of a strain on the system’s resources to work with smaller .wav files? Or, does destructive .wav editing destroy the original .wav file so that it will unavailable to other sessions or song files?

I’m not sure what you mean about selecting and moving everything to the left… why do that?

From what I understand, you are transferring a whole 8 track master or the like to digital. How long are the resulting wav files? How many songs on them? Let’s say you have 15 minutes tapes with three songs on each. So when you transfer you have 15 mins of 8 tracks. But you only want to do one song at a time.

For the first song, just grab the right hand edge of each of the tracks, and move it to the left, so your mixdown will only have the first song. This is not destructive, so you won’t be changing the original file (destructive editing is just that - destructuve).

For the second song, say it starts 5 minutes in. Grabe the left hand edge of each track and move to the right to just a bit before the second song starts. Then select all of the tracks at once and move them to the left as a group. This keeps them aligned. Now the beginning of your second song is where it should be; get rid of the third song (which starts at, say, 10 mins) the same way, by dragging the right hand edge of each track. Again, you are using the same 15 minute wav files, but nondestructively.

Do the same thing for the third song.

Mix them all down, and there you have it.

Or did I misunderstand the question? ???

I would work with the entire file, looping a marked section, adding effects and eq or whatever until I got the sound I want then mark the section of the file (song) you want and mix it down to stereo.
By doing this you will get the same sound on all songs assuming the songs all sound the same to begin with.
You will also retain the original.

Destructive edit such as cutting the wave file will destroy and re-write the wave file, losing anything you cut permantly!