How do you record vocals?

What to do w/ the stereo track?

so, it’s about just the straight up, simple mono recording stuff. I’m not looking to do “tricks” with this, but I’m curious. When N-track records (on my 2-channel at least), I always get either 1 stereo channel, or two mono’s. No big deal. But what to do with it? Do you split and/or delete the extra track? Pan each left and right? leave it as is? Are there benefits and/or curses one way or the other? what about a bass guitar?

Just for fun…

If I’m right you are asking about not to have 2 tracks when recording just one mono source. In this case, click at recording vu-meter red button, go to the channel that you don’t want and select Don’t record from this channel

let me make an assumption about your setup… i’m guessing it’s something like this: mono source (your mic) -> mixer (mono channel) -> stereo output of mixer -> stereo input of soundcard.

sound right? if so, your mixer is basically taking the mono source and sending that signal to both the l&r output channels. they should basically be the same so one of those tracks is going to be redundant.

personally, i use makako’s suggestion. just tell n-track to “not record” from one of your inputs.

Well, its quite obvious that both of you know a heck of a lot more about this than I do. :O Yes, you’re correct in both of your assumptions about the setup. So, you’re saying that there’s no benefit, (and perhaps a detriment) to having a mono source go stereo. In other words, it’s not just a question of what to do with it, but I actually want to take the time to either set it up right, or delete the extraneous track.

do I understand correctly?

Thanks much for the responses.

There are situations where that 2nd track can be used to good effect, such as delaying or detuning the second track. Try it sometime before you decide to always delete that 2nd track.

yes you understand correctly. unless your SOURCE material is coming IN stereo… for example:

- feed TWO mics going into your mixer
- put one right in front of your face, the other somewhere else in the room (room mic!).
- pan the close mic all the way to the LEFT so it is only coming out the L channel
- pan the room mic all the way to the RIGHT
- now if you were to record this as two mono tracks, you should have each mic isolated on its own track and you can mix to taste!

however, i would say in most single/mono vocal mic’ing situations… only record the one mono track (disable the other). having a stereo track where both L and R are identical is just a waste of processing and more work for any plugins you might use on that track. if for some reason you think you needed that duplicate track, just use the “clone track” function and let n-track handle the copy instead of storiing extra/redundant wav files on your computer! :O

There’s no reason to record a mono source as a stereo wave if you are planning on using it just in n-Tracks. There’s an option in the tracks properties to play mono as stereo, which is necessary for many plug-ins.

Playback of a stereo wave file takes almost double the CPU/harddrive IO that a mono file of the same bitdepth and sample rate becaue double the data must be read from the wave file.

Cloning a track is very useful for a lot of things. There’s not much need to always do it though.

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