How do you switch N-Track Drum Patterns?

N-Track Drums

To N-Track Pros,

I just started using N-Track recently and I wanted know how to switch drum patterns within a song. Right now, all that happens is the same drum pattern throughout the whole song. Also, how can you match the tempo of the drums to the song or vice versa? All advice is definitely appreciated.

- Mr. Cool Hand

Mr. CH

You use MIDI to switch patterns. You need to add a midi channel, set it to channel 16, and set the output to “N-Track Drums.” THen notes starting at C3 will switch the patterns – C3 triggers pattern “A,” Db3 triggers pattern “B” etc.

To match the tempo, all you have to do is set the metronome tempo in the toolbar – N-drums automatically operates at that tempo (and I assume will also respond to automated changes in tempo as well).

There are some good step-by-step instructions in this thread, too:…l=drums

Rock on!


Thanks for the help Papa! I’ll try it out and see what happens.

- Mr CH