How do you Turn Off track VU Meters?

Ok I have been looking for a way to do this but I can’t seem to find an option to do it. IIRC there use to be a option to turn off the VU meters on each track without actually going to each track right clicking and selecting turn off. I believe this was in preferences->Appearence but that option is not in the current build of NTrack. I remember having it off a while back, but I just updated NTrack on my recording machine and the system is so sluggish when I load up any of my old .sng files.

Hey Lito,

Just right-click on the “left track bar” area (where the individual VU meters, solo buttons, mute buttons, etc. are displayed), and select “Select left track bar elements” from the popup menu. In the popup window that appears, de-select “Vumeter”.



Thats it. Thanks :)

Of course, two strips of masking tape stuck to the VDU also does the trick!

It works for me! :D


“White-out” will do the same thing.