How does nTrack stack up?

Here’s the answer!

The question is often asked as to how n-Track compares with other DAW software. I just found this chart that lists features side-by-side with all the big-boys, nTrack included.

Have a look:

n-Track does very well for features.

Now if the bugs would just go away…
(I know… Flavio is hard at work as I type!)

Thanks JP! Useful chart. I posted this on AM the other day if anyone cares to read $.02 worth…


Just for fun, this is how I rate what I have on my DAW at home…

1. n-Track - but just barely… Flavio HAS to get rid of a few niggles for me to be really happy.

2. Cubase LE - Straight up audio work ain’t bad. Too many “panels” though… and limited VSTi/MIDI functionality in this “bargain” version.

3. Magix Audio Studio 10 - the “Samplitude Junior” I REALLY like it but MIDI is handled in a separate package… argh! (PS This app has NEVER crashed on me! Can’t say that about ANY of the others…)

4. Sonar 4 LE - I like this one too. MIDI functionality is swell. Too many weird things going on with it and my audio interface though. I need to optimize the settings I suppose… Sonar 4 Pro is like $600! Eeeek!

5. Tracktion 1.0 - nice for throwing down quickies. HATE the absence of a mixer or console view. I’m just an old fashioned goob I guess. The Fisher-Price graphics kinda get on my nerves after a while too. I mess with it a lot though as my son prefers Tracktion for some bizzarre reason…

Anyway, I spend probably >90% of my “audio noodling” time in n-Track. I just like it I suppose…

My $.02, YMMV, yadda-yadda, mutter, grumble etc…


And that chart is not accurate either… Surround is now a feature. Not that I will use it in a million years, but it is there.

nice chart. we could do with filling them in on the '?'s…


OK, I’ll send an update & let you know what happens. If I have any questions I’ll post back here with them.

Is the 80-track limit gone in n-Track V4? I assume not.

What are “ADC” and “OMV In/Out”?

Anyone know of a limit on aux channels or groups?

Does V4 support MIDI plugins? I assume not.


Quote (learjeff @ Dec. 20 2005,13:35)
Is the 80-track limit gone in n-Track V4? I assume not.

Myabe you should ask Flavio... Or just send him to the page so he can submit the info himself?


Because I’d rather have Flavio spend his time doing things we need & want him to do, things we can’t do. This is a limit we discovered by testing, it’s not one that Flavio ever published or even discussed, as far as I recall.

It’s not hard to create 81 tracks. I don’t have V4 loaded, or I’d do it myself.

The 81st track still crashes n-Track (v4.1.5 b2003)

OMF = Open Media Framework
If this is what you meant…I think its supposed to be a new, all-in-one digital media format but I have never heard of anyone using it so I wouldn’t say its “out there” at this point. I don’t know about OMV.



Mine crashed on the 84th (all just blank audio tracks). Looks like the 80-track limit is a thing of the past, my friends! :p BTW, I’m at build 2017.

(PS, I didn’t know there was such a limit until you mentioned it, Jeff. Interesting!)

[UPDATE: Just created and saved an 85-track project, all blank audio tracks like before. However, n-Track crashes immediately when I open it! :) )


I think it’s a resource limit. If you add one track, then pile 50 different inserts onto it, see if you can still get 83 tracks!

80 should be plenty for anyone. The ‘unlimited’ tracks that some DAWs publish will still have a limit defined by the resources of the system - but, they might have a check when you add a track to see if it thinks it will work. Don’t know, I’ve never tried pushing the boat out on these things.

The other app I use (Podium) has no theoretical limit as well; the developer apparently used some 140 tracks with Garritan Personal Orch to produce a piece imported from a MIDI file. He has a very well specced machine…

It might be worth getting some huge MIDI files (80+tracks) and seeing how NTrack does importing them. When testing, have people been adding Audio, or MIDI tracks? In theory there shouldn’t be a difference, but in practice I suspect there would be, since a MIDI track doesn’t require the same kind of buffering.



[NB written before the above edit, and I didn’t read that properly… :shrug:]

Quote (duncanparsons @ Dec. 21 2005,03:46)
80 should be plenty for anyone.

This somehow reminds me of the infamous quote about 640 KB of RAM.
:laugh: :;):

Quote (Scantee @ Dec. 21 2005,07:13)
Quote (duncanparsons @ Dec. 21 2005,03:46)
80 should be plenty for anyone.

This somehow reminds me of the infamous quote about 640 KB of RAM.
:laugh: :;):


Heh. My first hard disk was a 10 Megabayte jobbie. I thought.. "Holy SMOKE! I'll NEVER fill this bad boy up!" :D


My first hard drive was a 20Mb and I told my wife when I bought it that I would never need anything more than that. She reminds me frequently… but still loves me… :D

Never underestimate the power of programmers to eat up CPU power and disk space! :wink:

Let me tell you about midi and the apple II… :)

If I remember correctly, the 50$ version of N is 16bit, so the $$$ should show the higher price, shouldn’t it?

Yes, I mentioned that. The web page author acknowledged my info and says he’ll update it one of these days (but I read “don’t hold your breath” between the lines).