How does one post a screenshot?

I’m having some serious issues, which seem to be escalating. It’s mostly GUI stuff, and if I could create and post a screenshot it might be easier than describing what it is I’m looking at.
I have a pretty straight-forward and humble set-up, so if I need extra hardware or some kind of video software I’m out of luck I think.
But if I can do it, I might be able to solve some of this expediently. ?
Thanks for the help!
I feel like ‘Polly Purebred’… :laugh:

Anybody need any carpentry advice? :)

You need someplace on the web to host the screenshot Sloom. I use It’s free and they don’t harass you with “offers” all the time. Once you upload your graphic to photobucket or whatever, you click the Image button above the message typing area. Paste the link you get from the photobucket page in the dialog box that appears and you are set. It took me a couple tries to do it properly, but it really is easy.


I have my music machine disonnected from the 'net- but maybe I can transfer an image on CD to the surf-buggy. Well I’ll check that out. Thanks again, dude.

I’m recording a Hurdy-Gurdy on Saturday, so it’d be fun to get all this mess worked out by then! Otherwise, it’s the Tascam 788! I have no issues with the 788. Nice 788, pretty 788… :D

If it comes out nice, I’ll post a bit. It’s a real different sound- almost Indian (as in Orient), sort of.