How, exactly, do you use "Freeze"?

I understand that “freeze” renders MIDI/VSTi data to a wave file. But if the VSTi plugins are still loaded they are still using CPU. If I remove the plugins I will lose all the VSTi settings when I save the file, right?

So, how, exactly, do you use “freeze”?

When you “freeze” a track, the plugin is automatically bypassed for that track. Just like clicking the little green square next to the plugin name. If you have the newer builds, the little box mentioned turns red on the frozen tracks to indicate the plug is in bypass mode. The plug IS still in memory but in bypass no CPU cycles are burned processing audio. Just “unfreeze” tweak your settings and “re-freeze”.



so wait… if u freeze a plug-in, it isn’t bypassed… it still is being used on the track, right? just not using CPU?

If the plugins are on aux channels they probably will still run. Freezing and aux channels is a complex issue, and I’d be very impressed if n-Track got it right first time out of the gate!

but i mean normal track plug-in’s… not AUX…

Yes, it makes a wave file out of whatever is on the track, effects and all, and plays that wave file rather than all the “live” processes.

Thanks for the info.

Just wondering - do some plugins run in CPU even when bypassed? I don’t seem to gain much on the CPU meter when I freeze a heavy VSTi track.