How Is n-Track Studio Compared to Reaper?

First let me state that I have no intention of leaving my beloved Reaper. But some of my readers are asking what I know about n-Track Studio and since I’ve never used it, I can’t really say. I just saw a video overview of it by WinkSound and it looks pretty darned awesome.
Does anyone here have any opinions to offer about it? How does it compare to Reaper?
If I remember correctly we have some n-Track ‘refugees’ around here. Hopefully they’ll chime in.
I thought development had stopped on nTrack, apparently not!
please help.
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I’m a long time n-Track user. I find Reaper harder to use.

I agree with Bax.

Reaper certainly has its advantages, stability for one. Less CPU overhead is another factor when VST’s are involved and a large community base. That being said, n-Track has better workflow, and is easier to use. Customer support is much higher than you would expect. n-Track has grown but not without a problem here and there, which do get fixed, but its user interface is welcoming not like reaper when you first use it, it can easily overwhelm the non experienced user. I use both, each has it’s place in my studio. I do use and support n-Track 100 percent. It has grown into an excellent studio software package and I’m glad I am able to help improve it when ever I can, at least in those aspects in which I use it.