How is the new version?

Yeah, I’m back again…

Hey All,

Just checking back in after a long absence, not-in-as-much-as-to-say not recording, just not much time to read the forum. I did get the email from Flavio about the new version, but I’m caught in mid-album, 12 songs, 7 tracked on drums and bass, some vocals done, and a sax player with “tired lips” (probably from wrapping them around a beer bottle too often…) anyway, has anyone tried to import 3.3 projects to 4.x? I’m a little concerned about creating additional problems.

Any feelings on this…

Anyone know where to download new firmware for sax players? :D

Thanks - any input would be appreciated.


Anyone know where to download new firmware for sax players

Good one! :D Be carefull, if you reset the sax player while doing the firmware upgrade, it can be losted for ever ;)

Sorry i dont have advise about the import.

I haven’t had any issues as yet. I’m still mid transition. New songs I start in 4, old ones largely I’m finishing in 3. I have done some ports without problems, but for safety you might want to finish your current project first!

You can have both installed at once, create the shortcuts you need for v3 after the v4 install. ‘.sng’ files are not backward compatible, so v3->v4, but not vice versa (as one might expect…!)