How many tracks at once?

Hey all,

I have now a M-audio mobile pre. I can record two tracks at the same time.
If I get say a echo layla G3 will I be able to record 6 tracks at once???

Thanks in advance

It will record up to 8 (I believe) analog sources at once.

Do a google search and you can find more info about this

Hey All.

Just set up the layla 3 and it works fine. I can do at least 8 maybe more .

You will find that if you record long enough, the tracks from different soundcards will get out of sync. You need to find a way to synchronize the clocks on the two cards to use them both at the same time.

For cards with S/PDIF, you can usually plug the S/PDIF out from one card to the input of the other, and set the second card to get sync from S/PDIF. You don’t actually need to use S/PDIF to send any audio signals, just timing.

Test it out. Set up some kind of signal, ideally a click track, to be recorded by both soundcards. Record. Let it go for as long as you plan to record, i.e., 5 or 10 minutes for studio-only work, or an hour or more for live work. When the recording is done, scroll to the end of the timeline and see if the clicks line up in the waveforms. Zoom way in.

Tip: if you right-click on one of the time-bars (above and below the waveform display) you can set the time format, and if you use “Custom” and enter “100”, the readout is in 1/100th seconds. Or “1000” for milliseconds, only be aware that it won’t print leading zeros so it won’t read like a decimal fraction.

Good goiong Stratboy. I think you’ll have fun with it!

Oops, looks like I misunderstood. I thought stratboy was talking about using two soundcards at the same time. As Emily Latella would say, “Never mind!”