Are you saying toms, that financial angles will hook you up with CHEETS?

Pretty much.
Case study, my uncle, who held a number of valuable patents.
The first was for some medical equipment used in appendectomies.
Sold it for percentage of future profits.
The company, a very big, well-known medical manufacturer, somehow never had profits.

Edit: I misremembered, it was actually the catheter patent:…AEwADgK

So what do you think about digital distribution sites like reverberation? Well I think that they actually send it out to another co who then deals the tunes to the many different stores like iTunes
There is alot of distance between any actual download purchase and the final payoff to the musician months later… Suppose some profits arent showing here too maybe, possibly, yeah?

Well, I’m sure that the model they describe is the model they use.

Good music, art and literature and it’s makers, shake to the top, with or without an industry, as it did before there was such a thing. Achieving a living wage from any art form has never been a certainty. The “industry years” have been a hoot for everyone especially music lovers and youth culture but there is a technological inevitability to it’s demise. I suppose it’ll come full circle. The quality filter is more general public than ever and there is never a shortage of good talent.
Find good stuff and pay for it.

Yes the future should reveal plenty