How to 'Remove Track' but not LOSE it?

When I open up a wav file that I’ve previously recorded, how do I remove from the main ntrack recorder WITHOUT it disappearing from the list of saved files? I click on “Remove Track” (with the recycle bin by it) but then it also removes that track from the list of saved files. How do I change the settings so that it JUST removes it from the screen in front of you? Thanks

in 3.3, i right click on the track, and click remove track, then a msg box pops up, and asks what to do with it. ‘Don’t delete’ would be the one I pick.

Maybe ver 4 is different, dunno

Hey DC:

Here’s what I see when I click “Remove Track”:

If you aren’t seeing this, it’s probably because you have un-checked the option to “Ask to delete wave files to be removed from song” in File/Settings/Options.

If you go into the “File” menu, “Settings” then select the “Options” tab, you should be able to restore this option. Then it will ask you what you want to do each time you remove a track. This is nice, because most of the time, I am removing a track because it’s not worth wasting disk space on, but sometimes I want to keep it around… :)

Chances are you accidentally checked that other little box that says “Always do the selected option without asking” at some point.

Good luck! I hope this helps.


I’m using v4.0, build 2099, by the way…

by golly, it sure is !

Now I know =).