How to add Dual Monitors


I run version 3.3 on a Dell 4550 with XP
I would like to add a flat screen TV as an extra monitor so that I can have dual monitor capability.
Can someone help me this?
Thank you


You need a Video Card on your computer with either a Composite or S-Video out connection. Do you have that?

Dave T2

do you mean flat panel tv? like an LCD or plasma? some of those have DVI inputs and if your video card has them you can just go that route.

If you’re thinking an actual tv I’d really recommend against it. The native resolution of a tv screen is 640x480, hardly anything as far as computer screen real estate is concerned. You’ll be lucky if you can see a whole plugin control panel.

If you get one of the HD capable models make sure you get one with a high resolution.

You’d really be better off getting a inexpensive flat panel monitor or an even less expensive CRT.