How to attach screen shot to forum questions

How to attach a graphic file

I have a question about the available effects in N-Track. But I need to show you a screen shot to explain. I do not see how to do that here.

Please explain.
Thank you

I assume this is impossible to do?


you can post the image to a free image posting service such as
You can then add it to a forum post using the “Image” button near the box where you write your forum post.



Or Direct Link?

Ah, looks like Direct link. Thank you Flavio. This will help a bunch when I am trying to explain something.

BTW, this is my Boss 1200 that I record everything I do. It exports to a wav file via CDROM or USB into my laptop and from there I import the Wav file into N-Track. Works GREAT!

The reason I do not plug my instruments and Mic directly into my PC is because this is my home office computer. I would NEVER get any work done if I had guitars sitting around in my office.

My Boss recording studio is down stairs in my basement. Just an FYI… :laugh: