How-to Become Republican


Become a Republican

that is just tasteless…at least that is what Websense told me

I think it’s funny (but over-the-top is places).

Couldn’t see it…seriously, Websense tagged it as “tasteless”

OH ! Dang these rightwingsmearnetfilterproggies.

Oh - I thought you were just being funny, you know Websense is like Spidersense. What the h*ll is Websense?

What’s tasteless about it? ??? What’s over the top?

Nothing was tastless IMO. I thought some of the religion stuff was a little over-the-top.

That’s pretty good. It wasn’t tasteless or less filling, though I was offended by the reference to meat lovers pizza. After all, it we weren’t meant to eat animals why are the covered with meat?

Group Hug… :(

remember…I didn’t say it was offensive. This stupid internet filter that the IT Nazi’s installed did…


remember…I didn’t say it was offensive.

You’re not supposed to be watching this stuff on company time - you’re a conservative!!!

Nope…I am a right leaning centrist. Haven’t you been following along?

If you’re really a right leaning centrist, then I expect you to vote from some Democrats. Have you ever voted for a Democrat?


Right leaning centrists ROCK!! Go RLC! :D :D


What Democrat did you vote for (notice I use the singular)? There probably wasn’t any other choice when you voted. :laugh:

One Slick Willie Clinton(the first time…)

clark, clark, clark… raise your right hand and repreat after me. "From this day forward, I will NOT admit to voting for Clinton."

Now, go clear-cut some rain forest. Better yet, give a big federal contract to clear-cut some rain forest to a friend. Minus your “fee” of course. :D