How to boost volume on Track1 at specific location

I found this in the manual, but I don’t see a volume button.

Manual says: "Click on the volume button and select Draw volume envelopes from the drop-down menu."

I have Draw Volume Envelopes button, but not a volume button. I can select that, and it puts a volume center line on each track. But clicking and dragging the line
just moves the entire line up and down. I don’t see how to select a specific section, such as 1:30 - 1:35, and boost just those five seconds a few db.

Please help!
I’ve got a venue waiting on a demo of my trio and this is holding me up.


With the envelope selects (the center line is drawn on the track) do a right click to select how the nodes (moveable markers) will behave. Select click to place node. Place one node to hold the volume line in place , or move the entire line. Click a second. Node and move it to change the volume beyond the fist node. In other words, place two nodes and experiment. Hope this helps.

bax pretty much covered it,

if you are already drawing nodes you’re half way there, you just need one node at the beginning point and one at the end of where you want it to go up. (double click the line I think)

you may need a third node after the highest one to return the track to regular volume.


Thanks! Got it. On my Mac, it’s shift-click to place node. That’s what was stumping me. Manual says Alt or Cntl click. That’s windows.

Thanks! Progress being made!