How to change length of some midi-notes?


I can select more then one note. Then I can move them right, left, up and down. I can change the velocity (at all or increment/decrement).

How can I increment or decrement the length of all selected notes? I’m not able to find the right function :frowning:

Any hint?


Selecting, moving, and changing the velocity of several notes at the same time are unambiguous operations. n-Track (or me, for that matter) have no clue as to what is meant by incrementing or decrementing the length of a couple of notes. How are they supposed to be shortened or lengthened? Should the starting points or the ending points be changed? Should the changes adhere to any quantization parameters, and if so, which? How is this kind of alteration going to be interpreted musically? Do you know of any other software that allows you to do this? ??? Think about this for a while, and you will recognize the reason for the lacking of this function in n-Track.

I suppose you want to change the duration of the notes. If it is the graphical appearance in the Piano Roll window, the horizontal zoom function will do it for you.

regards, Nils

Hi Nils,


How is this kind of alteration going to be interpreted musically?

I record a track of strings with long decay and slow attack. Now I want to shorten the decay but then the notes are played not long enough. I want to mark the affected notes and then add or subtract a 16th or 32th. Not more. Or sometimes I want to add some kind of legato-effect?

Do you know of any other software that allows you to do this?

CUBASE (changin one will change all other selected incrementally)
JAZZ+ (ChangeLengthMode)
MASSIVA (Buttons to add/dec)
sure some others…

Isn’t it possible in n-track?


n-track is still lacking a bit in the midi department (groove quantization is on my personal wishing list, for instance), and the feature you ask for probably isn’t there. I use Jazz++ regularly, primarily to do drums, but in the cases where I have had a need for shortening or lengthening notes I’ve always found a workaround before even beginning to hunt down the functionality in the software. (Admitted, all minds work differently)

You could solve your problem (as far as I understand it) by changing the length of notes one at a time with quantization on - usually this gives the track more life than just changing everything in the same way. You may also consider the instrument or plug-in you use for the string sound. Some synths and modules have parameters for changing the attack and release times of the particular patch based on velocity or aftertouch information, and this may give you the effect you need.

I’ve gotten into the habit of recording string arrangements using four or even five separate tracks each carrying one section, e.g. violin, viola, cello, etc. This makes it easier to make adjustments in the arrangement later, and adjust the individual midi tracks to suit the chosen string sound.

Note that I do not in any way state that this is the ‘correct’ or ‘right’ way to do it - it just works for me, and it explains why I haven’t encountered a need for the feature you seek in n-Track.

regards, Nils

Thank you Nils,

Nevertheless, your informations helped me a little bit.


You just might be able to do it in a batch in n-Tracks using “quantize”, with the right settings.