How to change note to another

Multiple selection of notes then, change

How can we change all the notes number to an another number?

For example: change all hi-hat notes to sidestick for the entire song by one click…

Are you refering to MIDI notes? If you are, just select the notes you want to change in Piano roll editing and slide them where you want them. If not midi, can’t do it.

Hear, hear, Larrye.

From the n-T manual.

The left side of the piano roll window usually shows a vertical piano keyboard. This is often useful when composing or editing tracks of melodic instruments. Drum instruments are different than the usual MIDI instruments because each “note” of a Drum channel corresponds to a different percussive instrument (for example D4 is an high tom, D3 an acoustic snare etc.), so when editing a drum part instead of the classic vertical piano it is often useful to have the names of each drum instrument being written on the left part of the piano roll window.
Right clicking on the left part of the piano roll window opens a dialog box in which you can select how the notes are drawn.
If “Show piano” is selected a vertical piano will be drawn.
If any of the following entry is selected, the program will write each note name as set in the MIDI instrument definition. Instrument definitions can be edited in the dialog box that opens clicking on the ‘Instruments’ button in a MIDI track’s properties dialog box, then on ‘Edit’. The name of a note can be modified double clicking on its name while holding the Ctrl key. For more info see the MIDI Instruments

There are plugs that do it too. :)

IT may require more than “one click” as most things involving computers do.

Even highlighting the entire instrument in the piano roll and moving it take two clicks, one to highlight it, the other to slide it to position.

Hey while were are at it can we get Ntrack to open, set up all it’s track levels and begin recording in one click too? I mean two clicks is so 2000 and late! ???

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