How to change track EQ window size?

in version 6… other window issues too.

I think this should be an easy one, but I just can’t do it.

So if I have the track mixer opened and I’d like to click the lil’ button where I can adjust track EQ and N-track compressor, the eq section fills the whole width of the screen (the compressor section seems to be there nicely, on reasonable size at the left).

So how to change the size and place of track EQ window? I don’t seem to be able to grab it with the mouse.

Another window issue would be the recording meters window and master mixer windows. They seem to open and stick in the upper left corner, but I wonder if I can move them around somehow?

the answer might be the same for both of them. I think they are both docked. right click on the title bar and uncheck “allow docking of this window” then you will be able to resize and move them about.

That was it, thank ya! :agree: