How To Edit Audio Track

Looking For Tutorials

Fortunately for me, I only got n-Track for editing audio tracks, nothing of the heavy use thingy.

I have been a good fan of old CoolEdit Pro 2 which has been very user-friendly; unlike n-Track which is kinda busy on the screen.

I have searched YouTube on simple audio editing but cannot find any tutorial and send a message to n-Track support team a long while back but no reply.
Can someone please help answer some questions for me?

What I use n-Track (v7) for?
Ninety-nine percent of the time, I import audio(S) into multi-tracks, fade end of the first track and the beginning of the second track and merger the remaining two tracks to produce one single long track.

I cannot select an area of the wave file as I would.
That is, pick one point and with a key, hold that point and pick a second point to get a desired are selected so as to save just that area to a file.

Sometimes, I “purify” a track to sound better to me with the equalizers.

Would like to create a personalized toolbars of just the items I would need (to make using it easier).

Any tutorial(s) would help.
Please. :)

Thanks in advance.

N-track will do all of these things and I believe once you have the changes to the way to two systems operate you will like N_track better.
I will give you some answers to your specific questions, but first you really need to avail yourself of the tutorials and information that is available to you on the N-Track site.
On the N_Track Home page:
The Download tab will take you to a manual that you can down load to your computer.
It contains a tutorial.
There is an index and you can also find information on a particular topic by clicking
F3 and typing the term you want info on.
FAQ has answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
If you hover the cursor over Icon or a menu it will give you a brief description
Keep in mind that the Non-destructive Mode will allow you to UNDO anything you change until you save
close or mix-down the song (sng file)
Under the VIEW menu select editing History and you can backup to almost any change you have made – as long as you are in N0n-destructive mode.
Load a “trash file” and start opening each item on the Main Menu bar and determining what is there and some idea of what it does.
On the Site Homepage
Main Menu Bar you can open Screen-shots and see
several tracks that have had a lot of edition done to them.
See if you can find the menu to apply such changes.
Scroll down the page to see several different screen shots.
Unfortunately, you will need to experiment of use the manual to discover how different feature are activated – there would just be too many arrows and note on a single page, but we can use it to help you with some of your questions.
A couple of things are a little tricky to me:
to move a track on the time line click on the X located on the lower left hand end of the track.
You can move tracks left and right IF there is open area on the track.
If you want to move left you
may have to shorten the track by clicking on the tiny box located just below the center line of the track.
It’s easier to do this if you turn off the Volume envelope display ( the green line with nodes making automated changes to the sound level.
However, you can see the box in clearly in track 1,2,3,4 – it hidden in track 5 by the volume envelope.
To make changes to a particular area of a track, Left-click and drag over the area you wish to select.
You can select an area on one track, on several tracks or all the tracks just by dragging the mouse.
On the mixer Strip you will notice a rectangular box near the bottom of the strip.
When you bring your cursor onto this box it will display two check boxes : one marked – to remove an effect and one marked + to add an effect.
The green tab to the left of the effects name means is active, click on it to turn it red and deactivate it.
Hopefully this will get you started.