How to import a midifile

Hi again, I trie to import a midifile from Ntrack to another recordingporgramm.
Importing wavefiles from ntrack to the other works very well. But when I trie to import a midifile (points in pianoroll: some songs sample tank, some songs ms wavetable) I can’t find them. When I trie to import I open the map: N track and choose “all files” but only the wavefiles, peakfiles, mixdowns etc. become visible. Can’t find the midifiles…Does anybody know how to find them?
Open two session (ntrack and the other rec.programm) and copy and paste doesn’t work because ntrack doesn’t support my soundcard anymore, the programm quits all the time…(but when I succeed to open a song in ntrack for a few seconds/minutes I can see of course the midifile (pianoroll with points) so it hasn’t gone or put on another place)
Thanks Maria :)

Hi !

Have you tried “File-> Export midi file” 1st in N-Track ?



Edit : It is alarming that N-Track doesn’t work anymore.
You don’t think that’s worth to get behind that as well ?