How to Import tracks from HammerHead?


I installed HammerHead, and it’s a good little gag! I could do some twisty stuff with it, if I could get those little HH files transferred to .wav and into Cool Edit, n-Track, etc.

Anyone know how to do this?

It’s very easy prosedure. It goes like this:

3.4 Stream to Disk
You can record a session (everything you do) to disk, or save specific measure to disk to make it loop perfectly. Specify a filename in the dialogbox and as soon as you hit the Play button recording will start. The output-file is a 44.1KHz 16-Bit Mono WAV or a RAW data file. If you choose to save one measure (or all measures) you do not have to press Play, but the sample will automatically be generated for you and saved to disk according to you your specifications.

Thee manuel

Don’t know why I didn’t think to go to the site. :p
Thanks Varakeef!