How to increase singing volume in headphones?

Hi everyone, just purchased n-track seems to be quite a good bit of kit from what I have seen so far. I do have a problem though which I hope someone can help me with :) When I sing I can only hear the music in my head phones and as such I can not hear my own voice. How do I get to hear my voice in my headphones as well as the music? Any help would really appreciated. Many thanks Shaun

No much go on. We need to know your system specs and various equipment your using. This will help tell us what is going on.


Hi, not much to tell really. No equipment everything through my pc. Windows xp. Tried using a combined headset with mic…and seperate headphones and mic. I can record no probs. Its just I can
´t hear myself through the headphones. Hope this helps…I hoped it would just be a simple thing of sliding or pressing something on the screen display and hey presto!!! ALL THE BEST SHAUN

When testing the mic do the audio meters bounce in n-track when no music is playing. “test, test, test,” for example?


Yep, they do and my voice records with the music too…its as I say I just can not hear myself… ???

This is from an old post (BTW - always try the search here. It can save
everybody a lot of typing.)

But check this out and see if this helps with your monitoring problem.

Thank you … got it sorted now…Pretty poor quality though. I will have to invest in an interface and a proper singing mic…But got the hang of the basics now. Once again many thanks one and all… Shaun :laugh: