How to make Presonus Faserport 8 work?

My family bought me a new Presonus Faderport 8. It works with Mackie protocols. However, although the feeders work and some other features some important ones like the start stop do not work at all. I am very unfamiliar with the way midi Programming works. Does anyone have any experience with this and could they give me some hints on how to enter the proper codes to make all of the features or at least more of the features on this faderport 8 work with n_Track.?

Hi Bax,

since the Faderport 8 implements the Mackie Control protocol, it should theoretically work just by setting the Faderport to Mackie Control mode (MCU) following the instructions in the device’s user guide, and then selecting the Mackie Control Universal preset in the n-Track’s Settings -> “MIDI faders/control setup” box. I guess you already did this. If some buttons don’t work, you could try using the Learn button for the action you want to configure, for example select the ‘Play/Stop’ action (the first in the list), click on Learn, then press the play button on the Faderport.


Thanks. I got more of it to work.