how to master a track for vynil ???

difference b/w cd and vynil mastering??

how to master a track for vynil ???
difference b/w cd and vynil mastering??

i do it for cd, with n-track or samplitude an it’s all right…with a fat master compressor…
but for vynil “burning” which software should i use, and what kind of fx should i use…

big thanks, please i 'm in a hurry …

I use Groove Mechanic to get the click and rumble out and cut up the tracks - great prog. Then I use n-Track with the classic compressor and classic limiter to make the final master tracks. The other thing is the cleaning of the vinyl first. There is a lot of info on the web about that - google it.

I’m not any kind of specialist but IMHO mastering for vinyl is much more difficult than for CD. With CD, the big no-no is clipping; always use a limiter to ensure that nothing clips. With vinyl there is the RCAA curve, that reduces bass and boosts treble, to make it easier for the stylus to follow the groove. An equaliser in the playback system restores a flat frequency response. Mastering for vinyl is more of a black art than for CD. Certain combinations of amplitude and phase will causes a stylus in vinyl to jump; not a problem for CD. Au contraire, for high frquencies a vinyl record can “forgive” too much energy, while digital is totally unforgiving.

Which is best? It’s an old debate and there are enough unquantifiable variables to ensure that no one can organise a truly neutral test. But, given adequate playback gear, I believe a good 12 inch single sounds better than a normal CD. I also think that a good Super Audio CD sounds even better.

The RCAA curve for vinyl should be applied at the final mastering stage. You shouldn’t need to do that. But you need to know that it’s there and keep the bass in your pre-mastering mix central, without phase artifacts.

That’s as much as I know about it… good luck.
Tuster the Buster :cool:

I read up on this a little while ago. From memory your biggest worry is stereo phasing.

google it, just a little bit…

Vanclan, I might be misreading you here, but I think the origional question was the other way around - getting audio onto vinyl, not recording from it.

Great tips tho’ !



Hi fleow,

maybe I’m wrong but I suppose that you wouldn’t produce the “silver matrix” that will be the responsible for the vynil production. Am I right?
If so, your “master tape” can be produced as the same way that you’re producing your final CD.
You will send one .wav file to the “vynil factory” and they will produce the matrix. At this time they will apply the pre-enphasys process that will reduce the low-frequencies and increase the high-frequencies and this modified signal will be recorded at the matrix.
At reproduction time the phono preamplifier will do the de-enphasys returning the song to the original.
Long, long time ago. I’ve just realized that I’m an old guy


I think you’re right, makako, but Tuster’s points still apply: if you have strong out-of-phase bass content, the vynil mastering process will need to squash the heck out of it. So keep the bass in center and without stereo phase problems.

Normally, bass phase problems won’t get in there unless you do stuff like duplicating tracks, panning apart, and delaying one side. Or using stereo chorus on bass. If you use these kinds of techniques on guitar, be sure to pass the tracks through a hi pass filter to attenuate frequencies below (I’m guessing here …) 200 Hz.

Double check your mixes in mono. If they sound good in mono, chances are you’re OK.

big thanks…

i’m right with makako and learjeff , but what is the RCAA curve tuster buster ??

and can i do all with N-track quality or should i use asoft like samplitude…????? (I love so much N-track)

Thanks Wihan. You are right… Us Canucks are a bit slow on the uptake at times…

I didn’t know they still burned vinyl these days. I’m in the process of getting all my old records onto CD before it is no longer possible.

So can I ask a dumb question. Why put it on vinyl other than for scratching purposes?

ok vanclan, it’s not your fault :laugh:

i want to burn some production i doing and my MC’s voices…on vinyl
Just for concert and DJ scratching…

With your permission Tuster the Buster.
fleow, the correct name is RIAA curve. Take a look at

deleted as irrelevant.

big thanks to you Tuster the Buster.