how to record a meditation cd

starting out

Considering buying n-track studio to record a meditation cd. I bought cakewalk music creator II, but it was not at all user friendly for a novice like me.

wondering if n-track is more self-explanatory and wondering if it is going to walk me through the recording process.

I bought a good mic with an adaptor to allow me to plug it in - do I use the microphone plug or a line-in as I have read?

Also - what the heck is a wave editor and how do you get to it (I would have assumed an editing function would come with the software - correct??)

sorry for my ignorance, but any help would be appreciated.

Hello Meditative1,


I would say that n-track is easier to use than Cakewalk - but there is a bit of a learning curve. As with any new tool it takes a while to get the hang of how to use it. N-Track is pretty much plug-n-play, once installed the default setup will usually work if you’re using default hardware. If you use a separate audio card for recording then you will need to set it up - it’s not difficult at all.

Always use the line-in jack - The mic-in jack usually has some sort of impedence matching pre-amp on the card - They usually sound crappy too.

A wave editor is used to edit/tweak a single wave file. Audacity is free and quite good

Audacity home page

Goldwave is another - although not free. Soundforge is very good, but quite spendy.

N-track does have some editing features, but for the purposes of fine editing an external wave editor is preferable.

Download and install the shareware version and play around with it a little to see if it fits your needs. I think if you give it a little time you’ll get the idea.


n-track won’t “walk you through” the recording process but neither will any other software. You will need to learn a few things to do what you want to do.

Can you be specific as to how you envision proceeding? Are you envisioning adding a spoken word track to a pre-recorded track of music or natural sounds or something like that?


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There is an application that does the meditation stuff. You dial in the kind of thing you want and adjust leve & frequency of the surf, rainfall, bird twitterings etc.etc. but I can’t remember what it’s called



…but I can’t remember what it’s called



Atmosphere Deluxe?

Available - here.



Atmosphere Deluxe?

No, that wasn’t the program, but that’s exactly what it did Bill.


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Meditation CD? Can’t be done

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