How to remove effects that don't exist?

When I open the “effects” window I get a list of many plug ins that no longer exist on my system. How do I refresh these references to clean out what is non-existent?

Click Start (on your desktop),then Run and type Regedit.Then once you’re in the Registry click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.Find and click on the folder marked SOFTWARE,then you should see VST folder.Click on VST folder and it will bring up the VST plugins folder.Expanding the plugins folder will bring up all your plugins and then you should be able to just delete them.Hope this helps. ???

Edit:RegVac is good program that will locate bad keys and such in your registry.Just be real careful what you delete while you’re in there. :D

vst plugs can be deleted in windows explorer, (using reg edit can be risky. delete or even change the wrong thing and you can cause machine problems)

direct-x plugs have to be “uninstalled”. there is a free utility available at analog-x’s website. i can’t recall the address right now, but do a google on analog-x or dx-manager, or something like that and you should find it.



Actually,it’s not that big a deal with plugins.Once you bring up the plugins folder you will see a list of all your effects and you can then simply delete the effects you no longer want or have.There is nothing in that folder other than your effects and if you’ve already uninstalled the effect and it’s still there,like it or not,you’ll have to get in the registry and remove it…That’s what those utilities do,they edit the registry.

Thanks folks!