How to remove unused instrument channels

I’ve been using n-track for a fairly long time, but have just started using instrument plug-ins. One thing that is not clear to me is how to get rid of unused instrument channels that show up on the track mixer. I have somehow accumulated a bunch of duplicate synth channels in the song I am working on, and I need to get rid of them. How do you do it?

Would clicking on the title bar of the instrument tracks you dont want in the mixer open up a track properties window with the ability to “Delete Track” ?

I think there is a bug and I have emailed Flavio about it.

There are times when instrument channels get stuck with no possibility to remove them. The problem arise when you try to remove an instrument with multiple outs by deleting it from the effects window in the first instrument channel - and not the “correct way”; by pressing “delete channel” in the track properties.

The wrong way it removes the primary instrument channel but leaves the extra outs with NO “Delete channel”-button in their properties.

Correct me if I’m wrong…

I seem to remember someone had this problem recently, but I can’t remember the solution. Perhaps the bug has already been fixed. Tried a later version?

I’m running build 2088. There are actually two problems. First, the synth channels are multiplying like rabbits – I am using the n-track drum plug-in, but now there are two instances of it and four channels labeled like “instrument ch. 1 - 2” or “instrument Ch. 1 - 3” or “instrument Ch. 2 - 2”. Second, none of them have a “delete channel” button.

I’m concerned that the project file will build up so much garbage that it will break, and I will lose all of my work.

Hah! This is a very old bug. Still not fixed apparently. Or maybe you use an old build?
You have to delete the first of all the added instrument channels (the one that has the intrument plugin in it) to get rid of them all.
You also have to do that while the plugin still shows in the effects window of that channel.
If you happen to make the mistake to remove the plugin from the channel in stead of deleting the channel proper, you’re screwed:
No way to get rid of all the added channels now!

Edit: Or, after reading the above posts a bit more carefully: Exactly like Fytrius says.

Hansje – I’m not sure I understand…

There is no button to delete a channel that I can find. So how do you delete the channel (with plug-in still present)?

What happens if you delete the instrument from the channel is that the label on the fader in the track mixer changes from saying “Synth” to say “Grp”. So where I once had 4 extra synth channels, I now have four extra groups…


There IS a “Delete channel” button in the channel properties of the channel where you see the Vsti. That’s the one to use when removing an instrument. And it’s only removing the additional outs if the Vsti is still present in the effects window when pressing it.

Thanks Fitrius. I see the channel delete button now. The delete channel button appears ONLY in the properties for the fader panel labeled as “synth” but not in the fader panel properties if the panel is labeled “synth-2” or “synth-3”. But even in the latest build (2088) you still have to be careful to delete the channel while the plug-in still shows in the effects window (as hanje pointed out). When you delete plug-in the fader changes to a group control which does not have a delete button in its properties panel.


Problem fixed in build 2089 – Thank you Flavio.