How to run n-track with Lambda?

Hi. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on setting up n-track to work with the Lexicon Lambda (a USB audio interface)? I know n-track pretty well, and I’d rather not have to learn the brand new program (Cubase LE) that comes with Lamda. Do I need to download different drivers? I did some searches on this forum and the Lexicon forum, but I’m still lost. I’m not all that tech-savvy, so if you wouldn’t mind breaking down what I need to do to get this going, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks a lot.

If there is still time to return the USB interface DO IT! :)

I have seen few if anyone have success with them even using the bundle software that comes with them…except for the few who are using them strictly for midi.

For about the same price you can get a firewire breakout box with half the hassles…

Yamaha GO46 Mobile FireWire Audio Interface

They don’t use “USB” power like the Lamda does and have plenty of juice to run the 2 phantom power inputs for condenser mic’s and the likes.
Your gonna need a pretty low impedance mic on that system to get a good strong signal.

If you are set on using this device:

plug it in, go to sound preferences in Ntrack, select the Lexicon as input/output device, and you may have to update the drivers, and I’d recommend a “Y” USB cord that’ll supply 5v power via a wall wart to the USB so that you get enough voltage for the phantom powers…

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