How to save workspace settings?

updated to 8.1.3 3444 and …

Hello all - I updated to the new version/build a couple of days ago.
When I opened the software
I got the usual ‘do you want to use your own settings’ and tapped yes.
BUT all my workspace settings seem to be lost.
Figured out the button that shifts into workspace mode, reconfigured my screen as I like it and could not find a ‘save’ button.
The next time I opened the software, it was back to the default.

How do I get the toolbars to stay where I put them, and the “tips” window to go away?


Windows 7 Pro 32-bit

Go into the preferences and go to the last TAB for settings. You can select the directories you want and how you wish to use them.

Thanks. But have looked at every item under settings and preferences - it would seem logical that the screen layout would be saved under appearance, but not that I can see. The tab for paths does not contain an entry related to screen layout that I can see.

Try saving the song as a temple (on the File Menu)