How to set Microphone's play volume in XP?

Back in Win98 it was simple to set the Mic’s play volume so you could here what you were playing during recording.

How in the heck do you set the volume in XP ? I can only see how to set the record level. My laptop doesn’t have a line in port so I have to use the Mic jack.


Open up your volume control (Start, all programs, accessories, entertainment, volume control), and click on options. There you will be able to toggle between you recording levels and you playback levels. Make sure also that you mic is not muted. There is a check box at the lower left of each input that enables you to mute.

That command box will also allow you to see all the adjustable options in volume control avaliable for your soundcard. You need to check the types of inputs you want to see. If Line/Mic in is not there, then it is not selectable by your soundcard.


OK - thanks. I’m using an ESS Maestro soundcard which is full-duplex, so it ought to enable playing back the mic, but the Mic. volume is an option only on the record menu, not the play menu.

A search on google showed only one post about a solution - it was a c++ program, but I compiled it and it didn’t do anything. Then again, I know squat about c++ so I probably didn’t run the program properly.

What a drag… all set to get creative and my dern soundcard won’t cooperate…