How to sync to external hardware

does anyone have any idea if Ntrack syncs to external timing?

for example, if you are using an external hardware midi sequencer and you want to take advantage of Ntracks new looping capabilities can N then be synced (specifically it’s MIDI timing) to an outside source, or even an outside software,ie via rewire?

I went in the preferences and there was two choices for timing, System and Wav, seems rather limited.

in some softwares there are choices like, slave, master, etc…I was unable to find anything like that in Ntrack.

dontcare :cool:

Yeah, it’s in there somewhere. Can’t remember where though - it’s been a while.

I used to sync my drum machine to n-track. You’re looking for Midi timing (there are a couple or so variants in what you can send out or receive). So rest assured, if you keep looking you will find. :slight_smile:


thanx tony,

I’m on 5 (nothing after that works on crappy old PC’s)…

have to keep looking.

dontcare :cool:

errr… “Settings”–>“Sync with other devices”