How to tell a drummer mixed a song...

3 songs written around drum tracks

Hi guys!

I notice NTrack v6 is available - I’m still using v2.2 - works like a champ!

I have 3
drum tracks (out of 13) that I’ve added music to - I’ve also started recording video when I record since it makes it much more interesting.
I’m curious what anybody thinks of the mix. The YouTube vids load much faster than the MP3s. Thanks!

The 3 songs are:


My fave is Light Of Day…Great guitar sound and who is singing the high harmony and what did you have to put in a clamp to get that high? Recording quality, vocals, and instrumentation is super on all 3!!


(BTW love it where you go nuts with the double bass peds in L.O.D.)

:agree: I agree with Duffman- Nice vocals and production in general.
Lots of talented folks out there using Ntrack! (Not that I didn't know that already.)
Wouldn't mind being able to read the lyrics to the songs. Was that up on the site somewhere?

Listening with my shure in-ears - great low end on the bass and kick! Ditto on the above comments!
Great recordings!

Drums sound about right in the mix for this kind of thing to me.

You know something that might be interesting to try? On Light of day, e.g., the “small” snare sound works well in the verses, but it gets too thin in the other parts - how about a different snare in those parts?

Real nice work Dan!

Thank you guys. I guess there’s not too much bottom end then - that was my major concern! The lyrics are not on the website, might put them up sometime I guess. Thanks for listening!

Hi Dlachance

I’m also a drummer, and I’m currently mixing some tracks myself. I’m a self confessed luddite when it comes to recording drums - I still get as much as possible from the overheads.

I listened to Light Of Day and it’s a good strong song! I think that the drums are a bit too clicky for the mix. I would turn up the guitars in the top end and then they would probably sit right. The snare on the fast bit doesnt sit right. I agree with others that it could all do with a bit more low end thump…but it’s a contentious issue these days when so much music is played on speakers the size of a penny. I’m still learning each day and I would definitely say that the best way to learn how to mix is to listen to other peoples cds that you like and take frequent breaks to give your ears a rest.

Anyway best of luck…( I’m actually on the forum to look at how to cheat and replace a duff kick with a sample :wink: )

There is a free drum replacer out there - like Drumagog - but simpler and free - what is it called? argh…

Spooner - funny - that was Butch Vig’s band in Madison Wisconsin before he made it big as a producer of Nirvana - and he’s a drummer too… :)

The drums are indeed clicky. I am not sure if this is an EQ thing or a heavy hand with some sort of transient tool. Leaning towards too much high end on the drums… maybe run a paralell compressor on the snare to get some more meat to it too?

And here is a freebie Drumagog equivalent:

Thanks BubbaGump,

The only problem is I can’t isolate the snare! There’s 1 overhead mic and 1 mic in the kick. I will try to clean it up a bit. Thanks!


Great tunes Dan, not sure bout the sound tho, everything sounds good with the exception of the drums eq/comp
Kick is ok tho.

Almost if the drums are spazzing in a mono flange or something…