how to to get all midi notes same velocity

It’s neat that you can change the velocity of different midi notes now, but how do change the velocity of many notes, or an entire track, at the same time? properties greys out velocity when selecting multiple. I want an entire track to have the same velocity.

in the piano roll window, at the bottom is the velocity/pan editor… to the left are two tools… one allows you to draw freehand, and the other draws straight lines… try using those…

however, i must add the disclaimer: i’ve never used it… :D

hope we can help!


What Isaac said… zoom the track until all notes are visible, then select the note with the piano roll key or select all notes by dragging around them. Then draw a flat, continuous velocity “line” at the bottom.


excellent! thanks, I got it.

You can do it by selecting notes in the piano roll.

Select the notes you want.
Right click and go to properties
Increment the velocity by 127 and they will all be at max
Then decrement the velocity by whatever you need to get the velocity you want and they will all be that velocity.

I find that quicker than drawing which is not as accurate either


you have to do it individually if you do it that way:(

You can select multiple notes by drawing a rectangle around the ones you want or holding shift and selecting the ones you want.

Once you have multiple selected and right click and choose Properties any changes you do will affect all selected notes

the the 4.0.5 version i have, you cannot select velocity, it is greyed out, once you select multiple.

But next to it is a field to increase or decrease all the selected notes by the same amount.

Increase them all by 127 and they will all have a velocity of 127 (the max) and then decrease them all by whatever you need to to set them all at the velocity you want.


you mean “increment”?


Actually I jusr realise you can untick the increment box and then type in a velocity figure and it wil set all notes to that velocity…


you mean “increment”?

No, Rich probably meant “detriment”. :D

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Thanks rich!
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