How to transport track-settings to new song?


I recorded about 7 songs with the same setup for the drum, bass and guitar tracks. Now, in mixing phase, I need to copy the settings from the first song to the other songs. The settings for drums (eq, compressor), the guitar and bass (eq, compressor and vst effects) should be the same than in the first song.

Currently, I write down the settings or try to save as much as possible, but this is an annoying and unaccurate process. Is there any way to save/load or copy the complete settings of a track (level, eq+compressor, vst-plugins and aux-level)? So I can easily reload the settings on the next song? Or any other hints and tips for this problem?

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Hi Donald. I don’t have n-Track or the manual in front of me at the moment and I haven’t used the feature but I believe it is possible to save a template. ‘Save As’?

I am embarrased: I know that Flavio worked on a way to save the tracks settings without the attached sound file, but I cannot find the command to do it.
Here is a method:
THEN: Name The Tracks to fit each instrument ( Left click and hold down the mouse button on the far left of the track where the track number appears)
THEN: Save the file under a new name - example: Drums1_Template.sng

> Select (click or highlight) the track that has the setting you want to copy.
> Chose Edit > Cut from the menu - That will remove the sound file from the track but leave the settings in place.
> When the sound files have been cleared - Save or SAVE As the new file.
> You now have a Template file created.
> Import the new wave files in to the individual tracks and
> SAVE AS under a different name that identifies this version of the song (otherwise you will over-wright the template file).
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Could you just save the settings for each plugin, and call them up as presets?

You can save setting for presets, but that only takes care of the plug ins. The method I outlined should allow you to save all of your settings (faders, EQ, pans, etc.) I haven’t tried this in a while, not working on an album, but it did work before.


Thank you all for the good tips, but none of them really helps me. The template-approach does not work for me, because I used some multiple cuts while recording and the 10 tracks of each song are not 10 wave-files (there are up to 30 wave-files a song). Some of the wave-files have been glued together in n-track while the recording session and I’m not able to simply reload a wave file into the template-song for each track.

I mixed the tracks on weekend. I needed to write down and save 12 settings per song. It has been pretty annoying to redo the same settings for each song again and again.

I really need some “save all track settings (eq, compressor, level+pan, vst plugins) to one preset file” feature (and the revers import-feature). Would be great for a future release…


to eliminate the glued track problem (you indicated in another thread you have corrected certain tracks) you could do mixdowns of each track (for instance put all the bass tracks together into one mixed down track.

Eliminating all the editing out of the tracks by mixing down should be a good start.
I usually do that, then make a submix of all those parts, then bring that into the other project.

If it turns out I need more or less of other tracks in a mix I bring in all the mixdowns of the edits.

To be honest with ya, I wouldn’t want ALL my takes and ALL my edits of a song in one file (we are talking hundreds of tracks and settings/FX sometimes, I doubt my PC could handle it :)

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