How to use rewire?

I need some help using Nectar Pitch Cont

Nectar works in in track by using the rewire system. I can get it loaded and it records a track with in the nectar window. Then you do your editing. Then what do I do? I have no idea. Am I supposed to mix the thing down? The ntrack manual says that I should redirect the information to a new truck. I can redirect the output to a new track but I cannot record to the new track except with the inputs from the soundcard.
Can somebody please fill me in? I’ve got about another for five days to try Nectar out before I either have to buy it or desert it.

Sorry, Bax. I got about this far when I tried a couple of years ago.

Got it working! You do your editing in the Rewire/Nectar Pitch editor window and then it works just like any other effect. When the tracks is played or Mixed down you will hear the edited pitch. Rewire is working a bit flakey, but once you have the plugin loaded in rewire the transport in N_Track still works. If you are looking for a Pitch Editor or Harmonizer, or reverb and delay check Nectar 2 out.

Hi Bax,

we have tested “Nectar 2 Suite” plugins and we’ve fixed some little bugs that affect the compatibility with “Nectar Pitch Editor”.
The next build of n-Track (which will be released by this evening), contains the fixes.

Please note that “Nectar 2 Pitch Editor” (and all the plugins that require an internal processing after playback end) requires that n-Track “Live” function is enabled.

The plugin Rewire mode (as reported in the Izotope Nectar 2 web manual), gives you the possibility to control the n-Track playback, using the “Stop”, “Play”, “Rev”, “Cycle” buttons (transport bar) in the plugin editor.
To enable this mode please go to AddChannel->Add ReWire device->Izotope Nectar 2 Pitch Editor. Then will appear a panel (which can be ignored) that shows the ReWire channels and you'll able to use the transport bar in each Nectar Pitch Editor effect that you've inserted in your tracks (while the other plugin functionalities will remain the same).

Please let me know if the problems persist.


I’m still having some problems with the rewire and the Nectar 2. I seem to be making things worse.
The corrections I have made with the Pitch editor are right on.
Anyone else experimenting with this plugin?
They have a 10 day free trial.