Hows this for a first try?


My first attempt at home recording… PLEASE CRITIQUE…

I need all the advice I can get…


well…everything is exceptionally well played. But, those guitars need some tone help, in my opinion. Very whitenoise-like.


Great production! A bit repetitive - no vocals? - great opportunity for some great singing - I agree the guitars are white-noise-ish - maybe pull some higher end off them?


hey man,

the playing and production are super - whatever you’re doing, you’re on the right track (np).

fwiw/imho, as a SONG, it’s sorta ramble-y. sounds like it was put together by a guitar player (i should know). if you’re going to add lyrics, you might want to pick one or two of those themes and go with that. might give it a little more punch, yamean?

keep it up. best,


Yeah, the guitar is from Fruity loops… I’m working on making a better sound from Reason 3.0… Untill I get a guitar that is…

And there will be vocals on it shortly… that’s why it seems so long and drawn out… My friend who lives in Fla will be doing the honors as soon as I move back there.