huge lenghts on the time axis!

V6 version


When I load a song, the tracks look very small because the time axis goes on and on until 1 hr lenght and more! Of course I can use everytime the zoom icon but it should not be like this. (and Im afraid I will have issues when mixing down the song). I Have just upgraded to V6 version (6.0.7 build 2530) and I am still in the re-learning process so I dont know if this is a setting thing or a bug,

any ideas?

Thanks a lot.


Have you used the icon up top to view entire song? This should make the tracks fit the screen. Then save it and next time you load up it should remain as is.



I have tried different things. The problem seems to appear when I work with a song in the V.5 and then I go back to V.6 version.

The solution its simpleā€¦dont work with different versions of ntrack!! ???

Thanks for your help anyway.


BTW: I miss the CPU use in % that was on the bottom left corner of the main window. It is not on the V.6 release anymore?

The track was somehow corrupted. I just copied the wav file into a new track, delete the old one and voila!

Thanks for the help, anyway. :D