huge virus scare

April 1st is the launch date for CONFLICKER C worm. it must be a serious threat because Microsoft is offering US$250,000.00 reward for the author’s arrest. (they will probably put him/her on the payroll).…april-1

per the article on CNN today, it wipes the ‘0 sector’ on victim’s hard drives as well as deleting hard-coded dates rendering the drive useless and unrecoverable. one warning stated that it is being propagated under the guise of a hallmark greeting card. since it can access victim’s address books, it may appear to come from a known and trusted friend. don’t open it! hopefully, the ‘good guys’ will have a handle on it before april 1st, ya think!? :D

Thanks for the link Don - I’ll go check it out.

Boy - Hallmark must be pissed.
Probably started by American Greetings cards.
Makes me think of that Get Smart episode where 99’s mother comes to stay and of course all heck breaks loose in the apartment. And 99’s mom says “I didn’t realize the greeting card industry was so competitive”

FYI: Yes, the bounty is true and so is the virus, sad to say. It can piggyback on those little removable USB drives as a way to get past the fix. As I’ve mentioned before…people that create these should be neutered in the most unpleasent way.

is there a pleasant way? :laugh:

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

I ran the free microsoft scan off the link from that link. It was at only 5% late last night. Got up this mornin’ and I guess my machine is ok. Only difference I noticed; it now plays “Sieg Heil Microsoft” on startup.
:laugh: I can live with that.


These kind of problems are exactly why my windows machine is no longer connected to the home network.
I only need windows for NTrack and a few other programs which will not run on Linux under Wine.

Don’t get me wrong, Linux is not immune from viruses, just windows ones.
It’s rather comforting to surf the 'net knowing I am 99% safer than if I used windows, and modern Linux distributions (like Ubuntu for example) are easy to install and use.

Give it a try on your 'net PC, you (and your bank account) will rest a little easier. :)


So has everyone survived? Guess we won’t know til later…

Quote: (Beefy Steve @ Mar. 26 2009, 2:29 PM)

Don't get me wrong, Linux is not immune from viruses, just windows ones.

And the last time you got a virus on Linux was? There are about 40 known viruses for *nix systems and they generally can't survive "in the wild" as you have to dork up the default Linux security so much, they can't propogate in any sort of reasonable fashion.

That said, Reaper runs just fine in WINE. *ducks*
Quote: (Bubbagump @ Apr. 01 2009, 10:31 AM)

That said, Reaper runs just fine in WINE. *ducks*

Yup and V3 is now Beta-1! WOOT! Now to find the time... What I have seen so far is pretty impressive though.


Wine? someone mention WINE?