humming during mixdown

Trying to figure out why I get a loud hum after I mixdown a song. Its actually my wife doing the mixdown and I am asking for her. I havent gotton a chance to get down there yet. Not that I could fix the problem anyway. Thanks for any help.

I find myself humming a lot after I mix down my songs too!!!

Is she listening to the mixdown on the computer or on a CD/Stereo system?

Dave T2

the computer. she never burns it to cd because of the problem. I guess sometimes they dont playback at all(no volume)


Is she mixing in headphones?
What does it sound like when you just playback the complete song(before mixdown)?
Make sure your low tracks- bass, kick drum and keys have reasonable EQ and compressor settings.
Are there tracks should be muted during mixdown?
What are you using to playback the mixdown?
Import it back into N-Tracks and listenin there.
Check the setting of your mixdown - are you changing bit depth or sample rate?

Q: Why is that amplifier humming?
A: It doesn’t know the words!

'til next time;

Is the hum in the mixdown file or just in the system during playback or, as you said, “after mixdown”? That implies that it’s not audible until a mixdown is done. Any hum in the mixdown file should be justas audible before mixdown since a mixdown is nothing more than capturing what you hear when playing the song in n-Tracks. What about it being present in any or all of the individual tracks? What’s it sound like? Is it a 60 cycle hum? What is the mixdown file being played through, both software media player and hardware?

I’ll check it out over the weekend. Its a very simple set up. Just running through the mixer to record straight into ntrack. After that we dont do any mixing, just mix it down to burn to cd(we are just recording practices). The original tracks sound good. Then after the mixdown process there is a loud buzz/hum. Like I said, I’ll look at it this weekend and be back with more details. Thanks for the responses so far.

ok, we recorded practice and it plays back in ntrack fine. After mixing down it would’nt play when we tried to listen to it with windows media player. It wont let us burn it to cd because it says the file is not good (or whatever)


or whatever

Well that’s the important bit. We need to know what the error is to give any specific advice.

Suspect that you’ve mixed down to a 24bit or 32 bit file. Try another mixdown but make sure that you set the mix down to be 16 bit 44.1kHz stereo. Then reprok back.