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Rockin boogie

I took my time on this one.
I don’t know if that helped me with the exception of learning a bunch of new licks and also making a pretty cool produciton.
I wasn’t happy with my first solos so I totally developed the guitar work.
Not a one take senario at all but a work built on ideas combined with feeling.

Just enough to hopfully ignite your imaginations.
Hope ya like it.

You got your sound down on this one Levi - pure you! I heard the compression “over kick” in a couple spots but other than that - great sounding man! Love your style of pickin’!

you got your sound on for this one Levi.
Some cool bends and stenches.

Good un Levi! :agree:

(You definitely Brother Billy on this one!) :cool:

veerrrry cool track! super guitar licks, bet you even sold a copy :laugh: or two,

Love the wild solo at the end and the whammy bar!

Thx for the positive feeds guys! Kev, so your! :laugh: Thx bud!

Quote: (Yaz @ Jul. 19 2009, 12:44 AM)

(You definitely Brother Billy on this one!)

:whistle: Yaz?
You know I caught the end of a zz song on tv and I swear Billy was playin a couple of my licks!!!
Their fans seemed to like um just fine so all's ok I guess lol I thought, damn Yaz is right!

I swear Billy was playin a couple of my licks!!!


yeah, that's your compressed texas blues shuffle right there. ain't no mistakin'.

I have never tried to learn a zztop lick or song.
Maybe a lick.
I still don’t play any and feel bad that I dont’.
Because I love those guys!
The truth; Billie could play like that way back in the sixties and could easily play circles around me.
My style is just developing with out Billies influance.
It comes from delta blues and finger pickin.
You couldn’t do some of it with a flat pic.
I never listen to rock stations.
But if I hear a zz top song being played somewhere, I always stop what I’m doing and listen.
My licks come from blues players and what ever I can figure out on my own.
The wammy stuff I just started this summer, it seems to fit me so I’ll keep using it.
Oh I remember now, some of you here where braggin about Les Pauls and someone stated the only good place for a strato was on the shelf.
So I brought out the strat with the wammy to mess with y’all
:laugh: thx! It’s funny how things work out sometimes.
Thx for listen Jason

I just uploaded an updated version and noticed that soundclick drops any previous plays you have for the day when updating.
tisk tisk
So if your workin the charts their one might wait untill the midnight hr for that sort of thing.

Cool bluesy tune, Levi. Has your trademark sound!

Nice one Levi! You really got that Blues/Rock thing down to a tee. Nice playing :agree: :agree:

Thx G and Bruffie! :cool: Did you get any vocal ideas for this tune Bruffie?

hello levi

diggin the blues song dude… i got a picture in my mind of some smokey club with bottles, bikers and a pool table, beards and hot girls, just like the films ive seen :laugh: .
nice tempo keeps ya foot tappin. yeah the bass is cool aswell, im gonna play it back on me daw pc so I can hear the bass better cos these crappy laptop speakers are well… crap. :agree:

being slash’s biggest fan I always wanted a les paul. When I could eventually afford one I tried… and I didnt like. :heart-break: … I brought a schecter instead. that was about 5 yrs ago now, maybe if I tried one again I would like?


Relook at the highs. I am fiding it very harsh.

Hi Levi:

Thanks for the link…
That guitar track has the right amount of grunge for the flavor of the song… I hear you discribe it as Delta Blues…
Anyway, it has nice overall energy…

I hear what Bubbagump is hearing…
Could it be something in the reverb plugin that is causing some harmonic frequency resonation ????


Bill and Bubba, Thx and I agree.
This is a slightly diffrent mix and I’ve been questening the highs on the guitar too.
Thx for the help 3 out of 3 means I’ll fix this asap.
Much appreciated guys

Quote: (woxnerw @ Jul. 24 2009, 2:25 PM)

Hi Levi:

Thanks for the link..
That guitar track has the right amount of grunge for the flavor of the song.. I hear you discribe it as Delta Blues..
Anyway, it has nice overall energy..

I hear what Bubbagump is hearing..
Could it be something in the reverb plugin that is causing some harmonic frequency resonation ????


I appreciate the comment Bill :agree: Jason is right it's basically a Tx Shuffle.
The basic groove is delta blues influenced. Some of the solo stuff is a mix of different scales. So I suppose it would be accurately described as bluesy rhythm covered with a mixolydian scale. That's a lazy cop out lol combo of major and minor pentatonic and blues scales. With a hint of Spanish flavor. The vocal is white boy vanilla with a dash of rasp. :laugh:

What it isn’t :laugh:
I can’t have y’all thinkin that I call this Delta blues, or a Tx shuffle.
I’m gonna break it down a little so I don’t come off as a bs artist or a now it all.
Believe me, I’m neither, but often get myself misunderstood.
The rhythm, and all the big bassier licks in the song are of delta blues with a John Lee Hooker style boogie feel.

But I did go into other scales for the solos.
I used to work on scales for finger dexterity and mussel memory and liked the mixolydian the most because it offerd more notes, and encompassed all the scales in the one scale.
So it’s easy to say one is playing the mixolydian scale if your playing fast and a lot of notes and shift between scales.

It’s not exactly a Texas shuffle however it has the feel of one.
A Texas shuffel keeps the kick pumping quarter notes 1234 with a ghost beat on the snare sounding something like “tabop”… boom tabop boom tabop boom tabop and so on.
Hurried a little to shuffle along.
So Patric Toony is playing a shuffle feel like a Tx shuffle but he’s doing it on the kick drum so that makes it a little different.