Hwy 50

On msnbc

Their going to do the whole rout from east to west but not necessarly in that order.
You’ll have to move your recliner out by the highway when they come by.
At least a bar stool and a guitar


Hwy 50

Book 'em Danno :laugh:

The one cat that lives on Hwy 50 doesn’t seem to excited by the prospect :laugh:
Hwy 50 is a major east west rout, just not as famous a hwy 66, hwy 61, and of course the cross roads!
And of course we all would probably like to travel hwy 69 the most out of them all!!! lol

This hwy 50 town has dried up and blown away like most hwy 50 towns. What are they doing at msnbc a neo-depression era documentary?

That’s funny! :laugh:
Nostalgic ramblings I guess.
Could be cool!
Must be one heck of a ride west from you!