I'd like to buy in but there's too much no worko

Okay, I’d like to buy in and use this thing (and I have a fast-approaching deadline to meet) but there are a few things that I can’t get to work.

Can anyone give me some guidance?

1. Using an M-Audio Delta 44, the Windows Volume Control shows a blank pane when set to display recording levels, regardless of the object chosen. If I hit n-'s “Mixer-Recording Controls” icon it gives me a screen saying that there is a problem with my hardware, and I need to go to some “Printers” function (?!?!?) and “add hardware” See next:

2. I do get sound passing through the card and I do get meter deflection in N-Track and I do get what appears to be recording, so the card seems to be pretty installed. But there doesn’t seem to be any place in either the Delta software or in N-Track where the recording volume can be controlled. This can’t be right, can it?

2a. I have downloaded N-Track and the Delta 44 drivers twice, and installed them twice, and have gotten identical results each time.

3. The original screen when first installed shows nice little eq and compressor panes but sometimes I hit a button and they disappear. It took a while to find out how to get them back but I can’t make them small, like the originals were, to fit nicely in place (the drag-the-borders-inward technique doesn’t shrink them, it only covers them).

4. Worse, the n- screen runs off the right side edge of my display so I can’t pull the waveform panes in to make space for the effects panes. I tried opening the Navigator pane because I observed that it would push the wave panes inward, hoping that the move handles around the Navigator pane would let me collapse it and open space for the effect panes, but they don’t work.

5. So I bumped into this “transparency” button, which certainly made the eq transparent, but then what? There appears to me neither any facility to bring it back, not any facility to control the degree of transparency so I could click whatever button it had to bring it back.

6. Where’s the “undo”? In fact, I’d like a button to bring the whole screen back to the install original – but that would be probably asking too much.

7. Instructions: “Click on the second upper black list box
from the left in the mixer window…” I see nothing that looks at all like this.

I appreciate all the good will involved in creating and supporting this program but I’ve spent more time than I want to on this – I need to get some stuff recorded.

And maybe these kinds of issues are just the kinds of things that nobody cares about but I’m an old hardware guy and I just don’t have the capacity to use a product in which you’re just expected to use the parts that work and ignore the parts that don’t…

And as always, if you just want to tell me I’m stupid, that will be fine.


Hi, There are no record level adjustment sliders with the Delta 44, but there are 3 different input sensitivities available on the patchbay panel, +4 -10 etc see below.


Most people if they were feeding the Delta from a microphone would either use a mixer or a separate Mic pre and would adjust the output of these to get a reasonable reading in N-tracks record meters.


Well, since that post I discovered Audacity, which just shuts up and records – which is exactly what I want – a big digital cassette deck with some eq and compression functions.

I was attracted to n- because of the spiffy mastering compressor but time is more scarce and valuable to me than all those features.

I’ll be back some day but until then thank you for your advice and your kind attention.


  1. sounds like a bad driver install. if the windows volume control is also blank obviously n-track is not to blame. Is the 44 set as the default audio card in windows sound panel?
    2) answered above
    3) the eq can change size but the compressor uses a picture as its background and always stays the same size as far as I was aware. perhaps if you adjust the size of the tracks in the mixer (right click on the mixer and there’s some display options near the bottom with extra menus)
    4) not exactly sure what you mean here. There’s a bar near the top with different zoom options for the timeline. try those
    5) in the upper right hand corner of the mixers if you click on the the button for transparency a little slider shows up that allows you to adjust the transparency.
    6) go to the Edit menu at the top and there should be a list of commands. the normal undo is ctrl z. i don’t recall the zoom’s undo, but I think there is one. Also I’m pretty sure there’s one on the zoom options bar mentioned above. In the preferences there is a reset to defaults button that will adjust everthing back to install time.
    7) instructions for what?