I'd value your comments

2 songs form my son’s band

Please take a listen to the two songs @http://www.battleofthebands.com/bb10/bands/southowen/ and give me your comments on the production. I started with Ntrack but switched to Sonar because it works very well with my control surface. Thanks for your time.

I tried to listen but had so much trouble with skipping and stalling that I had do ALT/CTRL/DEL my way out of it. I am guessing that those with P4s will have better luck at it.

Thanks for trying. I hope it works better for others.

I got a complaint on another forum about not being up front about something so I also want to let you know that if you listen to both songs all the way through you will be tallying a “listening vote” for my son’s band in the competition.

If you don’t wish to add to their tally, just listen part way through.

In any case, my son and I would indeed like your feedback. Thanks to all who respond.

No luck here. P4 and all.
Total browser lock-up.

I listened to the first song. In terms of the mix, it sounded like the kick and more so the snare were sitting on top of the guitars, rather than fitting down into the mix. Same with the vocals to some extent. Like the guitars are in the background, if you know what I mean.