I'll be home for Christmas (with a message)

I have been working on the concept for this cover song for a few days and finally got something down tonight.

I have a cold so I can’t really put vocals on it now but I am not sure it needs them. Check out what I have and let me know what you would add. I’m thinking maybe an additional instrument to play the melody.

It has a few voice overs on it and for the second exchange, it is supposed to be two people. I will have someone else do the other voice for the final mixdown.

Let me know your preception of the story line.


Thanks and Merry Christmas.


Song is now complete with vocals, voiceover, and sound effects.

See the link in the first post for this topic.


Hi Keith. I cant catch the story very much ( i dont talk english) but musically it’s nice and sound good. Very “home” feeling. The voice fit very well with all. The child at start is sweet. Oh, i see, you came home finally for xmas… I like very much.
Thanks for share!

Great intro. Muted Trumpet sounds excellent and the guitar sounds nice and mellow.