I'm drowning ...

… note names … patch names …

What a very nice “encore” in the midi-instrument definition : tons of note name sets and tons of patch names … only … I don’t want them, I don’t need them …

Has anyone tried to clear the list ? Well, I did, and it took me over 20 minutes … (well actually, I’m not finished yet).

Flavio : please put an extra button somewhere on that Midi Instruments Definition Screen : “Return to Basics” - one click, and only the GM and GS standards remain.

Alternatively, rather and a one-by-one-delete, enable a “block select” and delete …

Please ? :D


You can already do thing slike this by editing the definitions in the a text file. What was the name of it again folks?


In 3.3 the banks are just .txt files in the NTrack Studio folder.
Use notepad to edit them. (banks.txt)



My mother’s maiden name was Ima Ninja. It’s in my blood.

Thanks guys … only … there is much more in the set of instruments than just what’s in the banks.txt … lots more. Flav must fetch it from somewhere …

Furthermore, editing a text-file doesn’t feel to me like fitting the rest of the program. He must be able to do better than that :;):


I guess I don’t know what you are talking about. On my machine, every patch listed as an option in the MIDI tracks are listed in banks_default.txt on my machine. I mean, how tough is it to delete a few lines out of a text file? I guess for us Linux guys we’re used to it. Or are you talking about stuff being pulled from a VST synth? In that case, you’ll have to talk to the VSTi company. They feed those patch names to N. Flavio can’t control that.

I don’t understand either. If you don’t use them then why are they a bother and need removing?

banks_default.txt has 51916 lines. It’s grown a lot since V3.3 days, but they don’t show up at once.

Editing the text file is much easier as Bubba said than using the built-in editor for large edits, but that editor is in a place that you don’t need to go if you don’t need or use that feature.

Thanks Bubba - Phoo … though I am supposed to know a fair bit of files & folders (at least, that’s what my boss keeps paying me for :D ) your comments fixed it … I was fckng looking in …\N-Track folder rather than the …\Fasoft\N-Track folder ??? Indeed, older version vs. new version is what it is …

I can now quickly edit the file.

But even then, I don’t quite like the idea of getting this vast amount of “settings” I don’t use (and I don’t have the $$$ to buy all them synths) - I still think that it should be an install option, or at least provide a quick and easy way to deal with it from within N-Track, not Notepad.

Write it down as the last entry on the Wish List, that’ll do …